Hong Kong actresses Sandra Ng and Charlene Choi may be facing great competition from Chinese stars Tang Wei, Zhou Xun and Zhao Wei, but the two stars are delighted enough to be nominated for this year’s Best Actress award for the upcoming 34th Hong Kong Film Awards.

Nominated again for Best Actress after seven years, Charlene Choi is happy that her risqué performance in “Sara” finally gets recognition.

According to Mingpao News, the actress, who plays the titular character in the psychological thriller, expressed, “I am truly happy. A pure domestic production is already risky on its own, but to have such a production itself is very rare.”
“I want to thank Emperor Motion Pictures and Fox International Channels for their investments in the films, as well as the passionate work of the cast and crews,” said Charlene, who added that the nomination itself is an honour.
Meanwhile, Sandra, who is nominated for her Lunar New Year comedy “Golden Chickensss”, joked that she is confident with the nomination.
“I am confident, of course. I am confident that Ivana Wong will not lose!”
Sandra said that she does not care much about winning the award, and is happy enough to get nominated.
“I will always have the Golden Chicken Spirit. Ah Kam is hardworking! Ah Kam can make a living! I hope that everybody will continue supporting Hong Kong movies!”