Mainland film production, Pearl River Film Studio, has recently announced the removal of Hong Kong actor Chapman To from its film “Impossible” for “various reasons”.

As reported on Sina News, the company’s producer Leung Ting issued an official statement to the media recently, saying that Chapman’s role has been replaced with a mainland actor instead.

Though the movie has already completed its filming last year, scenes involving the controversial actor will be re-shot to maintain the original storyline.
Admitting that the re-filming will add financial burden and schedule conflict, Leung, however, stated that the company is focused on producing the best film ever for the audience.
Despite the studio’s refusal to cite the reason of the actor’s removal, it is universally believed that it has something to do with Chapman’s unofficial boycott in mainland China due to his strong disdain for the Chinese government and support of the pro-democracy movement.
“Impossible” also stars Wang Baoqiang, Xia Shenyang, and Xin Zhilei, and was originally scheduled to be released in summer.
Chapman has yet to respond to the news at the time of writing.