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The Internet has gone crazy over a mysterious dress that was posted on Tumblr by user Swiked who asked, “Guys please help me – is this dress white and gold, or blue and black? Me and my friends can’t agree and we are freaking the f*** out.”

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What colour do you see?

The issue turned into a hot debate as many social media users including celebrities have participated in the discussion and some of their responses are hilarious!



















According to Buzzfeed’s poll, 73% of the votes see the dress in White and Gold while 27% sees it in Black and Blue. So, the question now is, why are people seeing it in different colours?


Wired had did a thorough researched of how this phenomenon came to be and this is what they found out;

“Light enters the eye through the lens—different wavelengths corresponding to different colors. The light hits the retina in the back of the eye where pigments fire up neural connections to the visual cortex, the part of the brain that processes those signals into an image. Critically, though, that first burst of light is made of whatever wavelengths are illuminating the world, reflecting off whatever you’re looking at. Without you having to worry about it, your brain figures out what color light is bouncing off the thing your eyes are looking at, and essentially subtracts that color from the “real” color of the object.” 

Bevil Conway, a neuroscientist who studies color and vision at Wellesley College said, “What’s happening here is your visual system is looking at this thing, and you’re trying to discount the chromatic bias of the daylight axis.”

“So people either discount the blue side, in which case they end up seeing white and gold, or discount the gold side, in which case they end up with blue and black,” he added.

When photo editor Neil Harris who saw the dress in White and Gold tries to white-balance the photo, he saw blue in the highlights of white and gold in black, and when he reversed the process, balancing the colour to the darkest pixel, the dress became blue and black.

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Have my eyes been deceiving me?

So, the conclusion here is, the dress is blue and black!

Or is it?

Grumpy cat meme