For those who are wondering about the rumours of Apple working on an electric car, it could be possibly true. Various sources says that the first ever Apple vehicle is in development to be a fully autonomous electrical vehicle.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has hundreds of employees working secretly to create the first Apple electrical vehicle. It is given a code name, ‘Titan’ where the initial design of the vehicle resembles a minivan.

Although Tim Cook, the current CEO of Apple Inc had approved the car project almost a year ago, the progress of the Apple vehicle is yet to be confirmed against the latest reports.

Cook has apparently placed Apple’s Vice President, Steve Zadesky in charge of the ‘iCar’ project.

Zadesky is a former Ford engineer who helped lead the teams that created the iPod and iPhone.

The Financial Times also reported that dozens of Apple employees led by experience managers from the iPhone unit are researching automotive products at a confidential Silicon Valley location.

An unnamed Apple employee told several publications that Apple will be working on something that will “give Tesla a run for its money.” Therefore, the Apple car rumours are seems plausible and definitely something that we will be looking forward to.

“There are products that we’re working on that no one knows about, that haven’t been rumoured about yet,” said Cook in a television talk show last year.

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