Miley Cyrus might be famous for her ‘twerking’, but it has definitely got nothing to do with Duo Serigala’s signature chest-popping dance moves, literally!

Duo Serigala is a group formed by Safitri Pamela and Ovi Sovianti. These two dancers’ video had gone viral on the Internet and they are now known as one of the hottest dangdut performers in Indonesia.

Their chest-popping video that has been released since middle of December on YouTube and 9Gag has amassed nearly two million views.


Another dangdut performer, Inul Daratista was famous for her ‘goyang ngebor’, but Duo Serigala is here to show off their ‘goyang dada’ moves.


Both of these singers are proud enough to use their breasts for their signature dance moves.


Despite their controversial performance and willingness to fully exploit their ‘assets’, Duo Serigala has been welcomed by an Indonesian Islamic media program, as they appeared on the show “Islam Itu Indah” while covering up with hijabs and did not engage in any ‘goyang dada’ during the program.

Let’s not waste time and witness the mind-blowing video shall we?