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It is already the third day of Chinese New Year, and this year we get to see some pretty tasteful advertisements which mostly focused on the unity among the different races in Malaysia, letting go of the past and look forward to the future as well as welcoming the year of the Goat among friends and family.

Let’s take a look at these 5 Chinese New Year advertisements which are worth to be mentioned.

PETRONAS – Coming Home

Another meaningful advertisement coming from PETRONAS once again. This year, “Coming Home” aimed to deliver the message, “Family, will do anything just to be with them”. The video portrays a man who works in India, going through a series of hardships and adventures, just so he can have a reunion dinner with his family – through a webcam! This shows that no matter where you are, you will always try your hardest to be with your family and this joyous festival.

Though many complained that the video is like a recycled version of PETRONAS’ 2012 Chinese New Year’s advertisement, PETRONAS claimed that it is not true at all. This video is the full version of one of the segments from the 2012 CNY commercial.

Hotlink – Grannies Sing Ohhsome CNY Song!

Hotlink delivers a hilarious advertisement this year with grannies from different races rapping and singing the traditions of Chinese New Year. These grannies are sure in full Chinese New Year spirit as they welcome the holiday with a hip and trendy song about what usually happened during Chinese New Year. The song is a mixed of different language and Chinese dialects which shows the diversity of culture in Malaysia.

Malaysia Airlines – Blessings, A Malaysian story

Instead of a commercial, Malaysia Airlines presents a 12-minute short film about appreciation and moving forward. Directed by Linus Chung and Mohd Hisham Saleh, the CNY short film follows a workaholic dentist who cares for nothing but money, but in the end his heart is opened as he realizes that there are things more important than money.

Tenaga Nasional Berhad – Share the Lights

Another funny and entertaining Chinese New Year’s advertisement by Tenaga Nasional Berhad. The video shows two rival neighbours who always try to get the best of each other by competing. They compete against each other by decorating their house to see which of their house decorations are prettier, but they ended up decorating the whole street in which all the other neighbours praise them for their efforts. The two neighbours, then realize that harmony is better than competition.

Maxis – This is My Name

A touching advertisement by Maxis about a boy who finally understands the meaning behind his name. The commercial focuses on a boy who possesses a name with strong meaning, but he feels that he doesn’t deserve the name as it is completely different and opposite with how he really is and is often teased by his friends for his name. Soon after that, the boy came to realise the true meaning behind his name and what it stands for.