Following the cancellation of his Taipei Arena concert last October due to his severe injury in a choreography accident, Taiwanese singer Wilber Pan is readier than ever to perform again, at the concert that has been rescheduled to 31 January.

According to Mingpao News, in an interview with the media recently, Wilber stated that he owed his fans, especially the overseas fans, a lot due to the cancellation.

“The sad thing about cancelling the concert is not just because it was cancelled, but was cancelled only a day before the show. Many fans were waiting for it, and some have flown specifically to Taiwan to attend the show,” said Wilber.
He continued, “When I discovered that I was injured, I felt really guilty to waste their money. In my mind, it was my responsibility.”
Wilber admitted that the accident has made him realise that the world is filled with love. “A lot of seniors expressed their sympathies for me and neighbours also sent various dishes to my mum to help with my quick recovery.”
With the new concert in place, Wilber said that though he cannot change what had happened, at least, he will be able to see his fans again.
“I think this is a test. The injuries have made me stronger and more determined than ever,” said the singer.
He has also written a new song while he was in the hospital, entitled, “Heaven Calls Home for Me”, saying, “It’s not to say that I was dying and that the heaven was calling me, but that I still have things to do and it’s not time for me to return to God yet.”
(Photo source: ol.mingpao.com)