Malaysian web TV network site, PopTeeVee has introduced Malaysia’s very first sexual education show, “Popek-Popek” (which means babbling in Malay) hosted by sexual health educator, June Low.

Also co-hosted by local artiste Sudarshan, the show focuses on sexual matters which aim to increase the awareness and understanding of the subject among Malaysians.

Since sex has always been a taboo subject among Malaysians because it is something we usually avoid or are too embarrassed to openly talk about, Low appropriately handles the awkwardness of the subject in a humorous way.

The show which is in the Malay language; will have a total of 12 episodes which will be aired once every two weeks at 11am on PopTeeVee and their YouTube channel.

According to research, Malaysian sexual education focuses on abstinence which Low regards as useless, as it only delays the sexual activity among teenagers and will not prevent sexually transmitted disease.

“Comprehensive sex education has been proven to help teens delay sexual activity, avoid risky behaviour and increase practice of safe sex. So that is what we want to do. We want to give people real information when it comes to their sexual health,” said Low as quoted in The Star.

A 3-minute pilot show of “Popek-Popek” was released on 6 January 2015 with its first topic, “Apa itu dara?” (What is a virgin?).

The show is done in the style of a daytime talk show where callers ask Low some intimately private subject regarding sex and she provides the answer in an entertaining and casual way.

Watch the pilot episode below!