twitter hadirkan layanan video saingi youtube 1l4

Rejoice Twitter users, you can now have group messaging and also video sharing on Twitter!

Group direct messaging and sharing videos have always been famous on other social media Apps such as Instagram, Facebook, WeChat, WhatsApp, LINE and more, so it is a relief that Twitter has finally decided to catch up!

Previously, one could only Tweet private messages to other individuals, but now with the new Group DM, you can converse with as many as 20 people at a time, even if some of them don’t follow each other.

“When you think about the best international opportunity, there’s a real opportunity for us when we think about our private messaging to strengthen the core of our Twitter product by making it easier for users to move more fluidly between the public conversation that happens everywhere on Twitter and the private conversation between you and a friend or you and a few friends,” said Dick Costolo, CEO of Twitter as quoted by Mashable.

Meanwhile, before this, when one wanted to share a video with a friend on Twitter, you had to do it through the 6-second video App Vine, a video clip company which Twitter acquired back in 2012. Now, the new video sharing feature will allow users to capture and edit videos up to 30 seconds before posting it.

“We believe that during any sort of local event, national event, global event, the opportunity for people, participants, to be live tweeting those things and broadcasting them to the world is a massive opportunity, that’s one of the reasons we are so excited about consumer video,” added Costolo.

So, does that mean there is no more use for Vine? According to Re/Code, that is not the case. Twitter’s video feature and Vine have different functions, Vine is used as a “short-form entertainment” while Twitter video could be use for reporting live breaking news or first-hand views during major events.

Last week, Twitter launched a feature called “Recap” which lets users see important content when they have been away from Twitter.

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