Producers of the movie adaptation of the hit TVB series, “Triumph in the Skies”, hope that the film’s Lunar New Year release will bring in huge profits to the production.

According to ECNS, the movie, which will be released on 19 February, will feature various stars, from the original cast members like Francis Ng and Julian Cheung, to stellar additions including Sammi Cheng, Louis Koo, Charmaine Sheh and Amber Kuo.

Other than Francis and Julian, who will be reprising their role as pilot captains Samuel Tong and Jayden “Captain Cool” Koo, Louis Koo will be playing the role of an airline CEO, Charmaine a flight attendant and his love interest, and Sammi a rock star who has a clashing personality with the serious Captain Tong.
Amber Kuo will be playing Captain Cool’s love interest this time around.
Producer Tommy Leung believes that the gathering of top stars, as well as the popularity of the franchise will assure a box office hit in the making.
Director Wilson Yip revealed that aside from filming in Beijing and Hong Kong, they also filmed in several locations that are the best-recommended dating places in Europe.
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