Tony Leung Wong Karwai Zhang Zeyi at Berlinale conference
Having worked together with Tony Leung in various films, Hong Kong director Wong Kar Wai likens the actor to tofu.

According to Mingpao News, in an interview with the media at the press conference for the premiere of “The Grandmaster 3D”, the director and cast members were asked to express the unique flavour of each other, to which Wong then said, “Tony is like tofu.”

“He is accurate and precise. His acting can be both meat and vegetarian, great for both inside out.”
As to his leading lady Zhang Ziyi, Wong said, “She is like an onion. She is spicy and crunchy, a northern specialty. The flavour is sweeter when it’s more mature.”
When asked their thoughts about Wong himself, Chang Chen described him as a fine whiskey, saying, “The flavour is great and has a lot that are worth savouring.”
Tony joked that since Wong quit smoking, his only flavour smells like chewing gum.
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