Now that his good buddy and rumoured girlfriend Priscilla Wong is dating Edwin Siu, Tony Hung has moved on to other fishes in the sea, and recently admitted to be actively pursuing Natalie Tong.

According to On CC News, the actor, who was previously spotted on a date with the actress, confessed to have been on a few dates with her.

“I really like her. Probably around 200 to 300 likes,” said the actor, light-heartedly.
Asked if the relationship between two of them will develop further, he replied, “That can wait until I get up to 2000 to 3000 likes.”
“I have only gone on a few dates with her, sometimes alone, and often with friends. We are still developing,” said the actor.
Admitting that he has not been in any relationship for two years, Tony also hopes that he will be able to go out on a date with the actress on Valentine’s Day.
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