It has always been a hassle for Muslims when they travel to other countries. Why? Because they have to either bring their own food (like Maggie cups or dry snacks) when they travel in order to survive, or only travel to Islamic countries for ease of locating halal food.

But now, a Singaporean firm has developed a mobile application named “HalalTrip” so that travellers can share halal restaurant discoveries around the world through social media.

With this App, it is easier for fellow Muslims to go travelling as the App will have other travellers (who have been to the country before) sharing details about the halal dishes and restaurants that are available in that particular country.

The App uses users’ locations to display photos of halal dishes (which is shared by other foodies and travellers) that can be find in nearby restaurants. With only a click on the photo, the App will immediately provide users the details and locations of the restaurant.

The App which has English and Arabic interfaces, is available for Apple iOS and Android devices
In case you don’t know, halal is any food, products and services which is permissible to use or engage in, according to Islamic law.

Fazal Bahardeen who is the Chief Executive of HalalTrip who is also part of a Muslim-oriented business group called CrescentRating told Daily Mail U.K. :-

Halal food is one of the biggest drivers of tourism for the Muslim market. When travelling, one of the main concerns of Muslims is halal food. What we did is to bring in a social media element into discovering halal food and making it more fun and more intuitive.” 

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