Shih Chao-hui, the deputy director of Taiwan’s Southwest Coast National Scenic Area Office has announced that the tourism officials are planning to build a “Romantic Boulevard” in the southern part of the island to attract more tourists.

But don’t be fooled, they will be building a different kind of love-themed structures and statues in what would actually be a sex-themed park that would include a glass church, heart-shaped archers and erotic sculptures of people or animals in various “love-making position,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

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Taiwan’s “Romantic Boulevard” is actually inspired by South Korea’s Jeju Loveland Park, a place where “art and eroticism meets,” and also a place to allow people to appreciate “natural beauty and sexuality”.
In case you didn’t know, South Korea’s Loveland Park is surrounded by 140 sculptures that displays woman in erotic poses.

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Although Taiwan’s new attraction is actually still in the process of planning, the officials say that they are already planning to build a hotel next to the “Romantic Boulevard”, just in case visitors want to turn their feelings into ‘action’.
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 “We want people to fall in love with Taiwan as well as fall in love while in Taiwan,” said Shih. He added that they might even plan to build a “Lost Paradise” for those who are broken-hearted.
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 Shih believes that the development of “Romantic Boulevard” will boost and generate the interests of tourists, no matter local or international.
Instead of thinking negatively, such as the park influencing the mind-set of the younger generation, he said that they are in business of tourism, not education or religion. He claims that he has already received several e-mails from people who are interested in the “Romantic Boulevard”.
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