A poll held by Taiwanese radio station, Hit FM, has recently named Stefanie Sun’s “Kepler” as one of the best singles of 2014, beaten only by Jolin Tsai’s “Play”.

As reported on Focus Taiwan, the poll, which was held from 1 to 14 December 2014, listed a total of 55 Chinese songs, 16 Western songs, and 29 more songs from other Asian countries, which include Stefanie’s “Kepler”, Super Junior’s “MAMACITA”, and even Lyn’s “My Destiny”, the theme song from the hit 2014 Korean drama, “You Who Came From the Stars”.

Stefanie and Jolin also beat other overplayed songs, including Idina Menzel’s “Let It Go” from the Disney animated film, “Frozen”.
The songs selected as the top ten best singles of 2014 are as follows:
1. Jolin Tsai’s “Play”
2. Stefanie Sun’s “Kepler”
3. Frozen’s OST “Let It Go”
4. Elva Hsiao’s “Shut Up and Kiss Me”
5. CNBlue’s “Can’t Stop”
6. Super Junior’s “MAMACITA”
7. A-Mei’s “March”
8. Jolin Tsai’s “The Third Person and I”
9. Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”
10. Lyn’s “My Destiny”
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