After much speculation about Sima Yan’s whereabouts and well-being, it was finally revealed that the Hong Kong actress has recently passed away.

According to Mingpao News, the actress’ family recently confirmed that the actress breathed her last breath on Saturday, 10 January.

On the noon of 13 January, after days of unanswered enquiries by the media, Sima’s husband Wu Zhongyi and the rest of the family finally made the announcement, saying, “To all friends in the media. After a long battle with cancer, the past weekend, our beloved Sima Yan finally had a peaceful sleep and had returned to the Heavens.”
“Thank you for all you concern. In this extremely sad time, we hope that you can accept and respect our decision to hold a low-key funeral and have a private space with her for the final time and say goodbye.”
The late actress’ husband also declined to answer any more questions as he arrived at the Hong Kong Funeral Home.
It was reported that cancer-stricken Sima, who returned home from the hospital to celebrate Christmas with her family, passed away in her sleep on Saturday.
Meanwhile, her remains allegedly will be buried in Vancouver, where she had once mentioned to be her favourite place and where she had once gone on a ski trip with her family.
Born in 1963, Sima is known for various film and TV works in the 1980s and early 90s, including “The Romancing Star III” (1989), “I Do, I Do” (1989) and “The Mad Monk” (1993). 
She was 51.
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