Looking for new hairstyles that will guarantee to catch your neighbours attention? You’ll have to travel all the way to Texas, U.S.A. and give barber Rob Ferrel a visit for something truly unique.

Ferrel has created some of the coolest hairstyles that allow his customers to have anyone’s face to be on their head (literally). His artistic skills are dedicated to shaving a work of art on the back of your head.

His cuts have featured every celebrity from Akon to Jay-Z.

Kim Kardashian? Justin Bieber? Taylor Swift? You name them, he shaves them.

Check out all of his best shaves below!
kim k 0
Well I guess Kanye West wouldn’t mind. (
hair art roberto perez rob the original 10
Joke’s on you ! (

Just getting the Jobs
done. (

spider man rob
Spidey just got sticky. (

celebrity hair art
“I got music in my head all day” (

roberto perez stylist 23
“How about that? MVP shave for MVP”  (

rob the original obama
Can I take a picture with you Mr. President? (


Ain’t so messy with Messi around.

Rob The Original 4
Relax. Hair don’t bite. (