raymond wong
Aside from Ada Choi, it was revealed that Raymond Wong has also turned down “Eunuchs Leave the Palace”.

As reported on HK Channel, the actor, who was the original cast member of its predecessor, “The Confidant”, was revealed to have declined the project due to scheduling conflicts.

Producer Marco Law revealed that the production delay has caused a clash in Raymond’s schedule, as the actor is also set to film another drama in April.
“We had to let him go. Originally, the drama was called “The Five Eunuchs”, and was supposed to feature the five leads from “The Confidant”,” said the producer.
Among other actors that will be joining the series include Wayne Lai, David Chiang, Edwin Siu, and Raymond Cho.
The original plot of “Eunuchs Leave the Palace” tells the story of the five eunuchs escaping the fallen imperial palace to avoid prosecution by the Republican Government.
(Photo source: popularasians.com)