GEM Tang’s five “X.X.X. Live World Tour” shows at the Hong Kong Coliseum began with a trouble with the media and audiences, and ended recently with the presence of the Hong Kong police.

As reported on On CC News, the police were recently called for an investigation at the Hong Kong Coliseum before the start of the last show on 18 January.

According to a representative of the concert organisers, the police were summoned to deal with several concert-goers who attended the show with fake tickets.
The tickets, five in total and priced at HKD498 (approximately USD64) each, were revealed to have been bought from a mainland website. The authenticity of the tickets were questioned when none of the ticket-holders were able to find seats as printed on the stubs.
The representative stated that the fake tickets looked almost authentic that it was hard to spot without careful observation.
The ticket-holders had since been taken away by the police for further questioning.
In related news, GEM’s X.X.X. Live World Tour will be arriving in Malaysia on 23 and 24 January, and in Singapore this 31 January.
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