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Malaysia’s very own firemen calendar for the year 2015 is looking great with our very own fit and muscular fire fighters from the Malaysian Fire and Rescue department, striking poses for each month of the year!

Donning their iconic fireman uniforms, these Malaysian heroes and heroines show off their sturdy and strapping body as a way to encourage everyone to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

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“Previously, we had a different concept for the calendars but this time we wanted to show that our officers are healthy and fit. It is also a mark of appreciation for our officers. All of the models in the calendar are operations officers from around the country,” said Norizan Saad, the Senior Superintendent II of Corporate Management from the Fire and Rescue department.

According to The Star, March and May are dedicated exclusively to a female pilot and a female ground officer within the department as a tribute to the female officers.

However, the calendars are not for sale as they are made exclusively only for the Fire and Rescue departments.

Here are the exclusive Firemen featured for each month of the year.

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(Photos source: Malaysian Fire and Rescue Dept FB)