Taiwanese singer Pets Tseng was accused of plagiarism when her newly launched music video, “Black-Framed Glasses”, has a theme similar to pop diva Jolin Tsai’s own music video.

According to UDN News, Pets’ new video, which showcases her in various roles from a normal pyjama-wearing girl, a diva surrounded by paparazzi, a neurotic, to a rock star, was deemed too similar to Jolin’s music video for “Play”, in which she played multiple roles including a gym instructor, a hipster, and a famous diva.

Jolin’s “Play” is already popular in its own right, winning the attention of TIME magazine writer, Nolan Feeney, who calls it one of the best pop music MVs of 2014. The music video itself has more than 9 million hits since its release on YouTube two months ago.
However, Pets recently explained the theme of her music video, saying, “The roles [I play] seem unrelated and contradictory, but in fact, each character represents the inner crazy and contradictory parts of myself.”
When asked to respond to accusations of plagiarism, Pets Tseng’s record label replied, “Everything was determined by the creative director, and we respect the professional’s decision.”