1p Paco Wong
Nicky Wu’s manager Paco Wong recently expressed his surprise to news of Nicky Wu’s marriage.
As reported on On CC News, the Sun Entertainment Culture Managing Director stated that he only heard about the wedding when it was reported on the news on 20 January, despite the fact he had dinner with the actor the night before.

“Nicky did say he wanted to get married this year, but he didn’t tell me the specifics,” said Paco.

As to rumours of Cecilia’s pregnancy, the manager believes that it is nothing but mere gossips.
“That’s not possible. The two of them will be incredibly busy this year,” he said, adding that the actor will begin filming his new drama “Zu Mountain” soon.
Meanwhile, Cecilia’s manager has also dismissed rumours of her pregnancy, and said that she has yet to be informed about the wedding details.
(Photo source: hk-magazine.com)