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After the official confirmation on the tragic MH370 yesterday which has been stated to be an accident, the next-of-kin of the victims will now be provided with compensation from Malaysia Airlines (MAS).

Yesterday evening, the Department of Civil Aviation held a press conference to officially declare that flight MH370 met with an accident and all passengers on board are assumed to be dead.

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According to the official statement released on the MH370 official site;

“It is therefore, with the heaviest heart and deepest sorrow that, on behalf of the Government of Malaysia, we officially declare Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 an accident in accordance with the Standards of Annexes 12 and 13 to the Chicago Convention and that all 239 of the passengers and crew onboard MH370 are presumed to have lost their lives.” 

The thorough search on the missing flight for 327 days was done with the intention of bringing some solace to the families and friends of the passengers and crew on board MH370, but unfortunately the search did not find anything up to this date.

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“The Government of Malaysia acknowledges that this declaration of the MH370 accident will be very difficult for the families and loved ones of the 227 passengers and 12 crew on board to consider, much less accept. Thirteen nations have also lost sons and daughters to this tragedy. It is nonetheless important that families try to resume normal lives, or as normal a life as may be possible after this sudden loss. Without in any way intending to diminish the feelings of the families, it is hoped that this declaration will enable the families to obtain the assistance they need, in particular through the compensation process.”

Nevertheless, the government assures the families and friends of MH370’s victims that the search will not cease operations and will remain as a priority through the cooperation and assistance of the Governments of China and Australia.

“In keeping with our commitments to keep the next-of-kin informed of the latest developments and pertinent verified information, a special section has been established on the MH370 official website, http://www.mh370.gov.my, solely for the next-of-kin. It includes information on the search and investigation efforts, the compensation process, responses to NOK’s.”

Here is the full statement released yesterday.

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