Shenzhen Evening News, the newspaper that employs the three journalists universally condemned for taking photos of Yao Beina’s remains after she passed away from breast cancer last Friday, has recently issued an apology for the incident.

As reported on Sina News, on 18 January, the newspaper made an apology via its official Weibo account, saying, “We sincerely apologised for the disturbance and discomfort we have caused Yao’s family, fans, and netizens.”

Shenzhen Evening News also revealed that it will be withdrawing the foundation that the company, as well as its four partners, have established in Yao’s name, following objection from the singer’s father.
In addition, the first two donations that it had received for the foundation will also be returned to the individuals who made them.
Yao Beina passed away on 16 January after years of battling breast cancer. Yao had undergone a mastectomy previously in 2011, before the cancer metastasized late last year.
The singer, who rose to stardom through her participation in the hit all-star reality singing competition “I am a Singer”, is also known for singing the Chinese version of Disney’s “Frozen” theme song, as well as the theme song for the hit 2011 series, “The Legend of Zhen Huan”.
She was 33.
(Photo source: polish.cri.cn)