When family dispute cannot be settled internally, Penang Municipal Council (MPPP) will step in and take action without a word. 

The current owner of Penang’s arguably most famous nasi kandar eatery learnt that lesson well when yesterday morning MPPP enforcement workers arrived at Line Clear Nasi Kandar and started clearing out the eatery.

The MPPP workers carted away the tables and chairs, much to the surprise of both the stall operators and patrons (it’s a 24-hour stall). Operator Hashim Abdul Hamid told The Rakyat Post, “They didn’t even explain why and we could only watch helplessly.”
He added that no prior notification was given to Line Clear, and everything was taken away except for tables and chairs still occupied by customers.
This is one hard to miss stall (Photo source:
However, this probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to those who are already aware of the licensing issue faced by the eatery. Malaysian Insider previously reported that MPPP said it would take over the site, located at an alley at Jalan Penang, if the family is unable to reach an agreement between the four family members who were supposed to be taking turns operating the stall. 
The current owner, Abdul Hamid Seeni Pakir, reportedly owns the stall along with cousins Abdul Latiff Thulkarunai, Sahubarali China Mohd Hanibah and Pathumah Iskandar. Abdul Hamid was only supposed to run the stall up until 2011, before handing it over to Sahubarali.
His failure to do so has started the whole licensing issue debacle and until this year there had been no resolution to it.
What baffled Abdul Hamid is why MPPP decided to take action now when the issue was due to be heard in court next week.
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