In a bid to appease upset fans who failed to secure tickets to Jody Chiang’s farewell concert, the Taiwanese pop diva’s camp recently announced that additional shows will be held on top of the 16 confirmed ones.

According to Focus Taiwan, on 6 January, Jody’s manager Eric Chen announced through his Facebook that they will be adding more shows to the original schedule as soon as the ticketing issues are resolved.

Previously, the online website selling Jody’s farewell concert tickets crashed when thousands of fans visited the site at the same time.
The huge demand of the tickets has also caused the emergence of ticket scalpers, selling originally low-priced tickets at an exorbitant price to desperate fans.
“We have asked the organiser to review its ticketing system,” said Chen. “Please don’t worry, and don’t buy scalped tickets.”
The additional dates will be announced soon.
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