Chinese actor Michael Chen (also known as Chen He) has recently confirmed rumours of his divorce with wife, Layla Xu.

Previously, rumours of divorce spread like wildfire after a source claimed to have heard the news from a staff at the Bureau of Civil Affairs in Fuzhou.

It was further speculated that the couple ended their marriage due to the involvement of a third party – Chen’s “Laughter Medical Centre” co-star, Zhang Zixuan.
According to Tencent Entertainment, on 22 January, Chen, who is also the star of China’s version of “Running Man”, responded to the rumours and admitted to the divorce, revealing that he and his wife have already called it quits six months ago, and that it was a peaceful separation.
He also stressed that they were still together when they were filming SETV’s reality show “Zhen Ai Zai Jiong Tu”, and apologised to fans who may now see it as a kind of hypocrisy on their part.
Chen also dismissed rumours that Zhang Zixuan has anything to do with the divorce, saying that his hectic schedule and lack of communication between them were the straw that broke the camel’s back.
The actor, who is the nephew of famous director Chen Kaige, married his high school sweetheart Layla Xu in Phuket, Thailand back in September 2013.
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