The National Service (NS) programme in Malaysia will be put on hold for a year in order for the Federal Government to adjust the expenditure for Budget 2015.

Mohamed Asri Yusof, the director of National Service Training Department said that his team was prepared for action as they would use the downtime to re-evaluate and improve the National Service initiative, KL Coconut reports.

“For now, PLKN is still operating as per usual. Trainees inducted on December 6 will carry on with their training until they graduate on February 14.  After that date, we will put new registrations on hold as has been announced by the Prime Minister,” he said.

The deferment of NS was part of the PM’s announcement on a batch of budget rationalisation exercises due to the drastic drop in global oil prices and other external economic factors.

Therefore, putting NS on hold for a year would save the Federal Government around RM400 million.

“We are planning to use this downtime to transform the National Service programme with the strategic cooperation of other government ministries and agencies such as the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Education Ministry, the Human Resources Ministry, the Ministry of International Trade and Industry, the Works Ministry, and the Ministries for Rural Development and Federal Territories,” said Asri.

(Photo source: theborneopost.com)