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A music charity event aimed to help the victims of the recent flood disasters will be held at Afterwerk, The Scott Garden located at Old Klang road this Sunday, 4 January 2015, from 12pm to 12am, hosted is hosted by Afterwerk and The Event Guys.

The 12-hour non-stop charity event will have a line-up of the best up-and-coming local indie bands entertaining the night with an aim to raise funds for the flood victims. Among the headlining acts at Music For Life are:-

  1. Cebu Stars 
  2. Impressionism
  3. Three “O”
  4. Gregory Ramanado & Friends
  5. Kaya The Band
  6. Hyper Zone
  7. Funk Machine
  8. Big Band
  9. Xonary Band
  10. Lush 
  11. Ashes & Oaktrees
  12. Sedsuna
  13. Dragon Red
  14. Maha Jeffrey
  15. No Tyra 
  16. Take 5.

 This will be an open event for everyone to participate in order to aid those in need. There will be food and beverages sold at the event and the money will be channelled to the flood victims. Of course, donations in the form of dry groceries are accepted as well.

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For more information of the event, visit Music For Life Malaysia’s official Facebook page.