Though Chinese broadcaster Hunan TV denied that the temporary halt of Fan Bingbing’s “Empress of China” was due to the designs of costumes worn by the actresses, the recent resumed broadcast proves otherwise.

According to On CC, despite Hunan TV’s claim that the series’ sudden halt last week was due to technical difficulties, the recent re-broadcast on 1 January shows close-ups of actresses’ faces and the absence of shots showing the costumes in its entirety.

Rumours of censorship problem have long spread since the release of the series’ stills and promotional trailers.
The series shows off Fan and other actresses in various cleavage-bearing Tang Dynasty costumes, which seemed to irk China’s State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) that has previously released a memo calling for the decrease of sexual contents in films and dramas.
However, the re-edited version is still criticised by many due to its excessiveness, as most shots have now been reduced to close-ups to minimise the amount of cleavage.
On the other hand, the series’ rating remains at an all-time high, with or without cleavage.