With Jackie Chan’s hectic schedule and son Jaycee’s upcoming drug trial, the actor was unable to meet up with good friend, Korean actress Kim Hee-sun, when she arrived in Hong Kong recently, Mingpao News reported.

The “Faith” actress, who was in Mongkok to attend a skincare brand promotions on 6 January, admitted that it was a pity that the two of them could not meet up, since she was only in Hong Kong for a day.

“Whenever I made a visit to Hong Kong, Jackie and I would try to meet up. But this time around, we weren’t able to find time to see each other,” said Kim, who worked with Jackie in the 2005 film, “The Myth”.
When mentioned that Jackie might be busy with Jaycee Chan’s upcoming trial, Kim said, “I am a mother, so I understand his situation. As a parent, it’s important to protect your children.”
The actress also urged the media and public to give the family space.
Speaking about being a mother, Kim was asked if she would consider letting her daughter Park Yeon-ah participate in reality shows, Kim shook her head and said, “My daughter is only seven. Maybe when she is older.”
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