It was reported that the newly married Kary Ng may be holding her wedding banquet in Hong Kong this July.

As reported on Mingpao News, the singer, who announced her marriage to previous on-again-off-again boyfriend Brian Hung yesterday, reportedly will return to Hong Kong in February to prepare for the wedding banquet in July.

Addressing news of her marriage, Kary’s manager revealed, “Brian and Kary held a simple engagement in Italy first, and then registered their marriage in the US.”
“Brian even made a surprise for Kary by inviting both sets of their parents to witness the important moment. She was very touched with the gesture.”
As to her singing career, Kary’s manager stated that she will continue with her work and will renew her contract with Universal Music.
In related news, Kary’s ex-boyfriend Shawn Yue recently gave his blessings through his management company, saying, “Congratulations to her. I sincerely wish her all happiness.”
(Photo source: Kary Ng’s Weibo)