While the late Yao Beina was universally respected for donating her cornea after death, some members of the mainland media have recently been slammed for sneaking into the hospital mortuary to take photos of her lifeless body.

As reported on South China Morning Post, Yao’s family recently alleged that three reporters from a Shenzhen newspaper have disguised themselves as medical staff at the Shenzhen’s Peking University Hospital to take photographs of the late singer.

However, the photographs have not been released by any media agency after Yao’s family stepped in to prevent it.
Yao’s manager, Yuan Tao, revealed that the journalists were complaining about having their ‘freedom of press’ restricted when the family objected to the publishing of the photos.
The Dean of Beijing Foreign Studies Univesity, Qiao Mu, stated that the Chinese paparazzi are more brazen about doing such a thing to celebrities as they can never do so to their own political leaders.
(Photo source: news.com.au)