Joey Yung has recently won Most Outstanding Female Singer award for the 11th time in a row at the RTHK Top 10 Chinese Gold Song Awards.

According to World Journal, the singer, who accepted the award at the ceremony held at the Hong Kong Coliseum on 10 January, expressed her gratitude towards fans for their support, saying that 11 years is not a short time.

“I think I am a lucky person,” said Joey during her acceptance speech. “The only thing I can do now is to give my best efforts.”
The singer, whose mother was diagnosed with cancer previously, also stated, “This year, I am more experienced. I will definitely cherish life more, and I want to thank my family for their support.”
Eason Chan, who did not attend the ceremony, won four awards including Most Outstanding Male Singer for the tenth time.
The winners are as follows:
Top 10 Gold Songs:
Joey Yung 
Kay Tse 
Kary Ng 
Hins Cheung 
Hacken Lee 
Shiga Lin 
Alfred Hui 
Fiona Sit 
Jinny Ng & Pakho Chau 
Andy Hui
Outstanding Mainstream Mandarin Songs:
Gold: Chilam Cheung 
Silver: Vincy Chan 
Bronze: G.E.M. 
Outstanding Mainstream Singers:
C All Star
Ivana Wong
Hins Cheung
Joey Yung
Hacken Lee
Andy Hui
Chilam Cheung
Kay Tse
Alfred Hui
Eason Chan 
Pakho Chau
Most Outstanding Female Singer: Joey Yung
Most Outstanding Male Singer: Eason Chan 
Most Prospected Newcomer Awards:
Gold: Fred Cheng
Silver: Bird of Paradise
Bronze: Stephanie Ho
Honourary Awards: SiS Lok’s, Lil’ Ashes, Sheldon Lo
CASH Best Singer-Songwriter Award: Ivana Wong 
Country-Wide Best Singer Awards:
Male Singer: Hins Cheung
Female Singer: Stefanie Sun
Group/Band: Mayday
Country-Wide Best Chinese Song: Eason Chan 
Worldwide Chinese Best Gold Song: Kay Tse
Best-Selling Singers of the Year:
Male: Hins Cheung
Female: Joey Yung
Group/Band: Alan & Hacken
Hall of Fame: Alan Tam
Golden Needle Award: Lo Kwok Chim
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