After recently winning the Anugerah Juara Lagu (AJL) award for his song “Apa Khabar” featuring SonaOne, Joe Flizzow is back in gear again with his latest single “Baek” from his “Havoc” album.

The official music video was released yesterday on Kartel Records VEVO account and has already reached over 27k views.

The video shows Flizzow struttin’ and swaggerin’ along the road singing the song “Baek”, a slang of the Malay word “Baik”, which bears similarity to its predecessor, “Havoc” as a chipmunk-like voice can be heard when Flizzow repeats the word “Baek” continuously.

According to Classtreet, half of the music video was shot in Brooklyn, New York and the other half was shot in a studio in Kuala Lumpur.

The song was composed by Flizzow along with his Kartel cohort, SonaOne, while the lyrics were written by the main rapper himself.

Directed by Shahree Zane, the music video featured some of Flizzow’s friends and peers such as comedian Kuah Jenhan, model Sarah Lian, Miss Malaysia 2010 and DJ Nadine Ann Thomas, actress Nabila Huda, comedian and actor Nabil, actress Sharifah Amani, DJ Biggie, MC Syze, DJ Cza, DJ Nazkimo, DJ AshyAsh, Joe’s Barbershop head barber and graffiti artist Ardy Damis, rapper and DJ Arabyrd, DJ Goldfish, and fashion photographer Ridduan TTFGA Ismail.

See if you can spot them all in the music video!