Taiwanese underground rap singer, Chen Yanheng, who was booked by the police last week for attacking Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin during his autograph session, is not at all sorry for his action, as he revealed on his Facebook recently.

According to Sina News, the controversial rapper recently justified his reason for punching JJ, saying, “One of the reasons why I beat you was because you love to flirt with girls and harass them. I hope this will teach you a lesson.”

He also frowned upon JJ’s love declaration to S.H.E.’s Hebe Tien during his Taipei concert in 2013, saying that the singer was only using the fake admiration to sell his album.
“Who do you think you are?” said Chen. “She does not love you. Don’t deceive yourself and the fans.”
He also addressed the public, especially JJ’s fans, saying he doesn’t mind being hated for calling JJ Lin a hypocrite.
However, it seemed that the rapper does like to provoke and make criticisms on Facebook, as he also questioned Jody Chiang’s fans who spent a lot of money to buy tickets to the pop diva’s farewell concert.
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)