Things have not gone well for Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin in the early days of 2015.
After ripping his pants while performing Michael Jackson’s “Billy Jean” at the New Year’s Eve countdown concert, the singer was recently punched by a man at the autograph session of his new album.

According to Phoenix News, the singer was beaten up for no reason by a tall man pretending to be his fan during his appearance in Taipei for the autograph event on 2 January.

JJ, who thought the man was a fan who wanted his autograph, was surprised when he received a fist to the head instead. The singer immediately laid his face on the table and covered his head with his hands after the first blow.
The man in question was also heard shouting, “I wish you a happy new year, JJ Lin!” before being whisked off by the police.
After a quick medical check-up at the hospital and filing a report with the police, JJ returned to his autograph session and assured fans that he was fine.
“I just suffered a bruise on my left ear,” said JJ, who said that he did not know the identity of the perpetrator.
The man was later identified as Chen Yanheng, an underground Taiwanese rapper who claims that he is a better performer than JJ.
On 2 January, JJ turned to his micro blog and responded, “Thank you. I believe the power of love triumphs over violence!”
(Photo source: asianpopnews.com)