Actor Jaycee Chan has reportedly written a three-page letter to his mother, Joan Lin, expressing his remorse and the things he learned while in detention.

According to ECNS News, the actor, who has always been closer to his mother than his action superstar father, allegedly wrote that being born into a celebrity family has stressed him, especially with a megastar parent like Jackie Chan.

Jaycee stated that despite his carefree life since he was small, he finds himself having no plans for his future and a pressure to do well. The fact that Jackie was mostly absent throughout his life growing up made it even harder.
The actor admitted that he began befriending the wrong people and using drugs to forget his problems.
However, the drug arrest and the incidents that followed have made him realise his mistakes, especially when he saw how his parents tried everything in order to help him after the arrest.
Jaycee also promised his mother that he will reform himself and avoid the same mistakes in the future.
The actor, who went on trial at the Dongcheng District People’s Court on 9 January, was sentenced to six months in prison and fined RMB2000.
(Photo source: smh.com.au)