After more than an hour of trial, the Dongcheng court announced that Jaycee Chan is sentenced to six months imprisonment and a fine of RMB2000 (approximately USD322).

As reported on Tencent Entertainment News, the actor, who has already been detained for four months since his arrest in August last year, admitted to the court of using drugs and sheltering other users in his Beijing home four times.

He also admitted to have surrendered his marijuana possession during his arrest.
In his final statement, Jaycee stated, “I broke the law and should be punished. When I am back in the community, I will not repeat these offences, because I will only let my family and friends down.”
“However, being punished does not mean that I am forgiven. I hope that in future, I will obtain understanding and will be able to spread positive energy through my action.”
It was reported that his father Jackie Chan has asked his lawyer not to plead for a lesser sentence, saying, “We may be celebrities, but we also have to do things according to the law.”
(Photo source: ent.qq.com)