Action superstar Jackie Chan recently stated that he will not appeal for a lighter sentence for his son, Jaycee Chan.

As reported on Asian Universe, the actor, who did not attend the trial held on 9 January, revealed through his son’s agent that he and wife Joan Lin’s respect the sentence given by the Dongcheng District People’ Court, and hope that their son will learn from this lesson.

Jaycee, who was detained since August 2014 for using drugs and sheltering other users in his Beijing home, was recently sentenced to a six-month prison term and a fine of RMB2000.
In regard to his absence at the trial, the agent stated that Jackie thought it would be better not to attend the trial to avoid the media frenzy.
However, Jackie had indeed flown to Beijing before the trial to speak to Jaycee’s lawyers, while Joan continued to send letters to their son to express her support for him.
In regard to Jaycee’s plan after imprisonment, his agent stated that he will have to decide what to do if he wants to continue acting, knowing for a fact that he will be banned in mainland China.
(Photo source: sydsvenskan.se)