Hannah Quinlivan, the newly-wedded Mrs. Jay Chou, has recently turned to her social media account to address rumours of her supposed love letter to her husband’s good friend, Show Luo.

Previously, gossip portals everywhere released a love letter that was reportedly written by Hannah in 2009 to her favourite star, Show Luo.

In the letter, the 21-year-old model reportedly wrote, “I know you will not say that you love me. I will just watch you silently. As long as I have a little chance to love you, I will let you say you love me.”
Responding to the rumours recently, the model-actress, who is currently on a honeymoon across Europe with husband Jay Chou, uploaded a photo of them together at a stadium, wearing Chelsea FC scarf on her micro blog, and stated, “Showing a fake love letter from six to seven years ago on the news will only make people misunderstand. It’s also boring!”
“I hope now we can just concentrate on things that need to be concentrated upon, so that we can help more people that need our assistance,” she added.
Previously, Show responded to the news, saying, “A letter is just a letter. Like is like, admire is admire. But the one she truly loves is Jay.”
(Photo source: ol.mingpao.com)