Gong Li is determined to portray a different kind of White Skeleton Demon, or Baigujing, in the upcoming sequel to last year’s Lunar New Year hit, “The Monkey King”.

As reported on ECNS News, while the evil enchantress is depicted as skinny, young and beautiful in the classic “Journey to the West”, Gong Li strives to portray the role as a plump woman instead.

Speaking to the media at the press conference in Wuxi recently, the 48-year-old stated that she hopes to surprise the audience with her performance.
“I will make sure that my version will not be a cliché. If I played the demon like it was expected, consider it a failure,” said Gong.
While many are sceptical with Gong’s attempt, critics believe that the actress is a perfect choice for the production as it aims for wider audience and a global market.
“The Monkey King 2” is set to be released on 8 February 2016. Aaron Kwok also stars as Sun Wukong and Feng Shaofeng as the Venerable Monk Tang.
(Photo source: mtime.com)