Hong Kong singer GEM Tang seemed to have rubbed the media the wrong way again.
After infuriating reporters at the press conference announcing her concert with her one-round-interview brouhaha, and making the media wait again when she turned up late at the Metro Radio Hits Music Awards in December, the singer has sparked fury yet again with the rules made during her concert.

As reported on Phoenix News, the members of the media recently expressed their dissatisfaction with the singer’s management team for the arrangement made for her “GEM’s X.X.X. Live World Tour” at the Hong Kong Coliseum.

While traditionally Hong Kong singers would arrange seats for the media and camera crew, the singer’s team only led photographers and camera crews inside, with no seating arrangements for them.
They were also only allowed to take pictures in the first 30 minutes of the show and were told to leave afterwards. No interviews were allowed afterwards as well.
When asked why such arrangement has been made, GEM’s manager stated that the media has been reporting her in a negative way for the past few months and that the singer does not wish to add fuel to the fire.
“She will need to consider carefully before accepting any interviews,” said the manager.
GEM also turned to her Weibo account to express her thoughts about the issue, saying, “In the past, I kept asking myself why is it so hard to just focus on my performance? Now I will remind myself that no matter what difficulties lay ahead, I will continue to sing. I won’t care about other things except my music.”
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