For this year, the government has revised the fuel prices for RON95, RON97 and diesel from RM2.26, RM2.46 and RM2.23 per litre, to RM1.91, RM2.11 and RM1.93 per litre, respectively.

However, why are the prices of food sold in food stalls and restaurants remain the same despite the drop of fuel prices? Don’t fuel prices also influence how restaurateurs/entrepreneurs price their items?

According to The Star, the food stalls and restaurant operators are blaming the suppliers of raw materials who are still sticking to the old price, while the suppliers in turn blame the transporters, because their transport charges remain the same.

“When the government increases the price of fuel, all of the shop operators quickly raised the price of their goods. At the time, everyone blamed the government for the inflation. Now, the government has already dropped the fuel prices, but the prices of goods remain the same. Who should we blame now?” said a taxi driver whom TheHive.Asia approached to get a citizen’s point of view.

Aside from food, prices for other goods also remain with the same pricing.

It will probably take time for the prices to drop because many are still unsure whether utility bills will still remain the same.

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