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If you are pretty, you don’t have to pay for your meal. Now, that’s cruel isn’t it?

Well that’s what a restaurant in Zhengzhou, China named Jeju Island, a Korean food restaurant, is doing, They’re giving out free meals to the customers they deem to be beautiful.

According to UK Telegraph, everyday, 50 most good-looking customers of the day will not have to pay the bills for their meal at the restaurant.

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The restaurant provides a ‘face-scanner’ machine where each customer will have the picture of their face taken and then be evaluated by a panel of judges who are actually plastic surgeons (Makes you wonder what relation do they have with the restaurant?).

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Those who meet the standards will – of course – get to eat for free, while those who do not make the cut will not have to pay extra whatsoever (Thank god!), but will instead be given beauty tips from the surgeons so that next time they come, they can get to eat for free.

Obviously, the gimmick used by the restaurant is condemned by many social media users as it lowers the self-esteem of the customers.

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Even the local authorities of Zhengzhou disapproved and are unimpressed of such methods as it damages the city’s reputation. Therefore, the restaurant’s bad-grammar sign “Free Meal for Goodlooking” was then removed by the authorities.

However, this still doesn’t stop the restaurant’s way of doing their business.

“We will be more prudent with our advertising in future. But the promotion will continue despite the demolition of our sign,” said the restaurant manager Xue Hexin.

So, if you happen to be in Zhengzhou and want a free meal from the restaurant, you can let them evaluate your good looks!

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