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Ever heard of the Fancy Breakfast Club? It is a guerrilla dining restaurant run by a group of seven friends from their home in Bangsar, KL. The independent diner who started their business nine months ago have halted their service due to the backlash received after their insincere response to a customer’s complaint.

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(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)

Last Sunday (25 Jan), a customer complained on Fancy Breakfast Club’s Facebook page regarding her dissatisfaction with the way the diner handled their customers, which she claimed to be rude.

(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB via says.com)
Soon after that, the diner replied the customer in a lengthy post where they ‘apologised’ for their behaviour, but this was done not without some sarcastic remarks to justify their response.
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(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB via says.com)
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(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)
However their so-called “apology” had somehow incited rage and anger among other Facebook users where most of them claimed that the reply was an “insincere and half-hearted apology”.
(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB via says.com)
We believe that the main reason for Fancy Breakfast Club ceased their business (temporarily or not) is due to the response from this particular customer. It remains to be seen if it will be operational again.
(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB via says.com)
Though there are some supporters among the Fancy Breakfast Club, the guerrilla diner still decided to pull out their business.
(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)
However, the dining team claimed that they will still welcome anyone who are interested in collaborating with them in the future as they also do caterings for events and parties.
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(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)
(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)
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(Photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)
(Main photo source: Fancy Breakfast Club’s FB)