Hong Kong superstar Chow Yun Fat was shocked and saddened by the death of good friend and “Prison on Fire” co-star, William Ho.

As reported on Oriental Daily News, the actor, who had once made William his manager, stated, “The two of us were very close in our early days as an actor. He was a great man. Very smart, talented, and knew a lot.”

Chow revealed that William was a crew member back in the days who have already starred in several films. But it was director Ringo Lam who gave him his breakout role as Micky in 1987’s “Prison on Fire”, which immortalised him as one of the greatest villains in Hong Kong films.
“It is very regrettable,” said Chow.
The late actor’s good friend Frankie Ng expressed his sadness via Weibo, saying that William was alone when he passed away at the hospital, as he had no children and relatives.
He was 66.