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Having visited good friend Gigi Leung who is currently pregnant with her first child, actress Charlie Yeung stated that it made her want to be a mother as well.

As reported on Mingpao News, the actress recently spoke to the media at an event held by skincare brand La Prairie, and stated that she and her husband have agreed to prepare themselves physically and mentally to have children.

Charlie stated, “I saw Gigi last night, and touched her belly. She is like our own baby consultant. My husband and I have discussed our child-bearing plans and decided that we should condition our body first, and then go with the flow.”
“Our adviser Gigi will give birth first and then share the experience with me,” she jokingly added.
When asked if they will consider artificial insemination, Charlie replied in the negative, saying, “My husband and I don’t believe that we’re doomed without children. We are married because we want to be together.”
Charlie, who married Singaporean boyfriend Khoo Shao Tze back in 2013, revealed that they have been spending a lot of time together travelling.
“Last year, we travelled to the Scandinavian countries. We went to Norway, Sweden and Denmark, and even saw the Northern Lights.”
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