Charlene Choi and manager Mani Fok were recently honoured with the Breakthrough of the Year for Women award as well as the Elite Female of the Year by the 2014 Women’s Media Awards.

As reported on Mingpao News, the two ladies won the accolades in recognition of their achievements in business and public service activities, as well as contributions to women’s development and the promotion of gender equality in China.

Expressing her delight in receiving the honour, Charlene stated, “I know one person alone cannot change anything, but this is who I am – an actress who has a responsibility as a public figure.”
“I hope everyone can give a little effort, which when converged, has the power to change the world,” she added.
Meanwhile, Mani Fok recently dismissed rumours of marriage between Nicholas Tse and Faye Wong.
“There is no such thing,” said Mani. “But I think Nicholas is very happy now, since he has found happiness aside from work.”
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