Huo Yuanjia2Batv
Hong Kong broadcasting company ATV denied rumours that it is facing a problem due to the departure of many employees, On CC News reported.

Now on the brink of destruction and still owing its employees one-and-a-half month salary, spokesperson Wong Sau Tung stressed that less than 10 percent of its employees have resigned, while the rest continue their duties on 2 January.

“95 percent of the staff has returned to work, but a few programmes will see some changes due to shortage of manpower,” said Wong.
These changes include the cancellation of prime-time shows such as “Asian Entertainment” and “Asia Policy”, which have been replaced with reruns of ATV’s old drama, “Light of Million Hopes”, and South Korea’s 2010 drama, “Definitely Neighbours”.
Meanwhile, its morning news programme, “Good Morning Asia”, has also been cut short due to the shortage of staff.